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6 Ways To Feel More Satisfied

April 10, 2017

Any of these sound familiar?

You finally buy the house that you’ve been dreaming of … only to realize you need to decorate all the rooms, landscape the yard, update the bathroom, add a patio.  An endless list of tasks breathing down your neck because, of course, you want your house to be as cute as everyone else’s on the block.

You finally land the big promotion at work, only to silently dream of the days when things were less stressful.  An endless cycle of pressure and self-doubt forcing you to work late nights and skip vacations. 

You finally get the guy, only to compare him to what everyone else’s spouse/partner is like.  An endless cycle of jealousy and comparison that makes you quickly forget what’s right in front of you.

I wonder … are our expectations so high that we will never be satisfied?

And do we dip so quickly into the comparison danger zone that we immediately self-sabotage?

I feel like Rolling Stones had it right when they penned the magical number “I can’t get no satisfaction” and when Puff Daddy said “Mo’ Money … Mo’ Problems”.

Because it feels that way.

The more you get, then more you want.

The more you have, the more you need.

I call it … the misery of more.

An endless cycle of stuff, and worry, and things, and comparison, and pressure.

And let’s be honest, social media is not helping the situation. 

At the click of a button we can instantly see everyone else’s highlight reels reminding us how skinny, happy, rich, healthy and amazing “everyone else” is.  

You immediately feel like you are not doing enough and that you are actually not enough. 

While some of that can be motivating, being inspired by others, yet most of it is artificial.  And if you really peel back the layers on the person posting, you’d realize they have their own issues, struggles and pains.

99% of the time … the most superficial person in your life is the most broken.  

So, if you really want to BE satisfied and FEEL satisfaction … how do you get it?

Here are are a few ideas to get you started:

Know the Difference-  Happiness is being happy IN YOUR LIFE.  You experience this immediately and in the moment.   Life satisfaction is being happy ABOUT YOUR LIFE.  This is the happiness that exists when you talk about the big picture. 

Energy – I say this all the time, you can catch bad energy as quickly as you can catch a cold, so put the right people in your life. If things are constantly going wrong and you are always crabby, check your circle.  Having good friends can boost life satisfaction by 20%.

Trust the Process – The universe always has your back and you are exactly where you are supposed to be, going through what you are supposed to.  Stop pushing it away, controlling or trying to change it.  Trust the process and let go.  

Run Your Own Race – Stay in your own lane.  Remember your race is your own, so keep looking forward.   When you constantly look to your left or right, this is where you trip and fall. #ArrowForward

Know the Enemy – Comparison is real and it’s also BFF’s with Fear and The Resistance.  It hides itself as something different, but it’s really fear.  Making you feel like you are not good enough so you’ll quit or give up, which fear loves.  So when you go on social, be inspired by the happy stuff or put down your phone.  Either way, know what comparison really is:  It’s not real … it’s not you … it’s fear and it wants you to quit and be miserable. 

Ask:  What more can you do?   You have so much to give.  How can you help someone, lend a hand, volunteer, donate, give of your time?  When you realize how many people are suffering, your satisfaction levels can dramatically increase and you’ll find that the things you “complain” about feel like nothing compared to what some people are going through. 

You can be satisfied … it just takes some awareness.

By looking at the big picture and slowing down a little to remember just how good you have it … you will build your satisfaction muscle.

Satisfaction is contagious.  

Pass it on.

Made with Love, 

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Want FREE Access to my Personal Branding Guide?  Enter your email below and I’ll send you a copy.

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