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Top 20 BEST Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017!

November 20, 2017


Does anyone else have the Christmas musing playing on full blast yet?

Bring on holiday season!!!

I wonder … do any if these statements have you saying HELL YES?!

  • Want a little holiday shopping inspiration?
  • Would you like to “nudge” your sweetie with some gift ideas that YOU would love to unwrap Christmas morning?
  • Does the thought of coming up with creative gift ideas for your favorite people stress you out?

From creative stocking stuffers to larger “treat yourself” items … I got your back!

I channeled my inner Oprah and created just for you my first ever Favorite Things List!

There are so many things I use every day that make my life so much sweeter. 

And so many times I’ll be using a product or an item and think … “this is a game changer!!!”

So, I’ve put all my favorite 2017 game changers into a list just for YOU.    

Additionally, I feel it’s important to mention that I DO NOT work for these companies, sell these products or get paid to promote them.  This list is from the heart and all items I personally love, love, love!

In no order of preference, here are the 20 things that I feel in love with this year:

  • Cross Body Bandolier Phone Case – This has become my top travel essential!   And I don’t travel anywhere without it.  There are so many different styles to choose from and the pouch attachment is a MUST to give you more space for your items.  I never have to worry about leaving my phone in an Uber and can stay hands free with all my important stuff safely on my body.   
  • Dōterra Oils – I have been using these essential oils every day for the last 8 months and LOVE the way they make me feel.  I travel with them + now my husband is even hooked.  My favorites in the collection are: 
    • InTune (I use every day at work for focus.)
    • Frankincense (I use this daily for general wellness and love the roll on!)
    • On Guard (I don’t travel anywhere without this and use it each morning behind my ears and on my chest to fend off germs.)
    • Peppermint (OMG, this oil! It gets rid of headaches, sometimes works better than coffee and putting a drop on each elbow crease each morning is a jolt to my system.  An absolute fave!)
    • Additionally, The Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit is the perfect gift!  Or, you could buy them individually as a perfect stocking stuffer, especially cheer
  • Savannah Hair Therapy Shea Butter – This stuff has literally changed the texture of my hair and could be one of the best products I’ve ever used on my hair.   I use 3 pumps after I dry my hair and before styling it.  So, the process looks like this:  Wash, blow dry, add 3 pumps to the ends and comb rest through top of hair with hands, tie hair back in a soft scrunchie, do my makeup, then style with flat iron or curling iron.  It makes my hair so soft and over time will heal all those unruly dead ends and crazy hairs that keep sticking up on top.
  • Scrunchies – I love that these #OldSchool gems from the 80’s are back and I have no shame in saying I’m obsessed.  These partnered with the Oil above totally keep my hair super healthy.  I pretty much have ditched my hair destroying rubber bands now that these are everywhere again.   I linked to Francesca’s where you can find tons of them online and at checkout in the store.  Yet, I got mine at Nordstrom Rack in the checkout line and they are pretty much everywhere now.   Of course, I don’t wear them “out” … yet for workouts, running errands, around the house, when washing face, and if I need to sleep with hair up … this will keep your hair healthy + out of the way.  Best invention ever.  
  • Volt Planner – Anyone that knows me knows I’m OBSESSED with this goal focused planner.   It’s absolutely the life support of my life + business and there are so many creative ways to use this journal.   For example, I use mine personally and professionally to manage it all … then I have a friend who uses her planner only for her fitness goals and meal planning.   So creative!  I did a Facebook LIVE you can watch HERE if you want to see me teaching you how I use mine if you want more info!
  • Compliment Card Co – This company!!!  I’m so in love with these note cards and even more in love with the story behind it all.   Each card is made by someone who has been rescued from human trafficking.   So, you get to send love while giving love.  Is there anything better?  Plus, you can get customized note cards to say whatever you want which is an amazing way to stand out with clients, customers, & prospects!
  • Peloton – I don’t even know where to start with this one!   It’s become my health + fitness obsession.  I’ve always loved Soul Cycle … yet traveling for a living + no Soul studios in Ohio where I now live, kind of forced me to rethink my workout routine.  I wandered for a while trying this and trying that, yet never felt satisfied.  I hate gyms and nothing could compare to the experience of a Soul class.  Then heard about Peloton.  I watched from afar for a while, not sure if I should make the investment, then finally pulled the trigger this summer and have never looked back!!!  While I still get to Soul Cycle on the road in any city that has a studio … this is my at home soul cycle experience.  You can ride live stream classes from the NYC studio with some of the most badass instructors in the world or ride on-demand if you need more flexibility.   (PS – if you end up getting a bike or have one … my rider name is #HOLLAatYAGirl if you want to connect!)
  • BooksI am a massive book worm and believe books make the perfect gift ANY day of the year!  That said, if you want a stocking stuffer that will inspire + motivate someone you love there is a full list HERE in my HOLLA! Book Club to give you some ideas.  I also update this list regularly so it’s current and full of new ideas.  Most of these books are life + biz books, not fiction.  That said, the BEST fiction book I read all year was The Nightengale by Kristen Hannah if you want to add this little gem to someone’s stocking!!! 
  • Christian Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in #766 Rose Harpers – I found this lipstick for my wedding 2 years ago and have been wearing it ever since!!  Fuchsia is my FAVE color and I have never found a better shade of pink in my life + I get compliments galore with this shade.  It’s a little splurgy in price, which makes it the perfect gift!  Plus, a lot goes a long way so it lasts forever!   So, if you are on the hunt for a new shade, this is worth the try.  Plus, they now also have it in LIP GLOSS too!!!
  • Rose Gold Beats by Dre – I got these for my birthday this year and love them!  Traveling for a living + loving music, these had been on my wish list a while.   They are sleek, comfy, and oh so pretty!   
  • YETI Rambler – My hubby and I pretty much love YETI everything!  These Ramblers will literally keep your coffee hot all day if you wanted to + we love traveling with them because your cold icy drink will stay cold and icy for hours upon hours, even in the sun on the Mexico beach.   They are amazing!  I also love that you can customize these.  Plus, there are coolers, swag, and so many other products.  The PERFECT gift!!
  • Alex and Ani Unicorn Bracelet –  Unicorns have long been celebrated for their divinity and magnificent healing powers.  For me the unicorn represents being unique and embracing it with all you’ve got!  I love these bracelets so when they came out with the unicorn it immediately became one of my favorite gifts to give. Plus, 20% of this purchase goes to support the Children’s Miracle Network.  Cute bracelet + supporting a good cause, that’s a feel-good gift to get down with!
  • Tumi Oslo – Love, love, love this!!!  This is another one of my travel essential splurges.  Traveling for a living, I have been on the search for something sleek, yet practical, to help me “carry” all my stuff while on the go.  I love my Marc Jacobs backpack (another great gift btw!!!) and still use it all the time, yet when I’m dressed up it feels too casual plus it pulls at / wrinkles my outfit.  This little 4-wheeled miracle from Tumi not only holds everything I need, it saves my back too!!!
  • Pottery Barn Faux Fur Throw – We have these all over the house!  Not only are they so beautiful, they are SO super cozy!  Plus, they come in tons of styles and colors. This is a gift that you can use year-round and that anyone would love!
  • LuLuLemon All Date Tote – I was on the hunt for a sturdy, yet cute, bag I could use when running around town doing errands.  This bag is my go-to!  It’s got tons of room for storage + so many inside pockets to keep everything organized.  Plus, the quality is great and looks more expensive than it’s $118.00 price tag.  
  • Golden Sparkle Swatch –  Another #OldSchool item that I love!  Swatch Watches!!  I bought my Rose Gold Sparkle Swatch at the JFK Airport Swatch store, so not sure if it’s still in stock, yet I do see a gold one online which is just as cute!  Plus, so many others.  This watch not only takes me back in time, the quality is amazing!  
  • Tory Burch Flats – I never thought I’d splurge on these, yet finding them on sale helped me pull the trigger.  Yet now I see why they are worth the price! They are SO SO SO comfy + the cutest flat I’ve ever put on my foot.  The tan color goes with everything and I live in these on the road so I don’t have to stand in heels all day. Plus, when I’m dressed up and don’t want to have my heels on I don’t feel frumpy or too casual.  
  • Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership – I am obsessed with Rent the Runway and purchasing the Unlimited membership was something I wanted to do for a while and I finally pulled the trigger earlier this year.  I’m so glad I did as it has been the lifeline to my business wardrobe on the road as a speaker!  If you love mixing up your closet, don’t have time to shop, or just want to try the trends as they come in without the major commitment of buying stuff … this is the perfect gift!! 
  • Moroccan Oil Hairspray – I love everything about this hairspray and it is ALWAYS a fun gift to get!  This has stocking stuffer written all over it.  
  • Kendra Scott Elle Earrings – These are my favorite pair of earrings and anytime I can find something in my favorite shade of fuchsia I buy it!  Obviously, there are SO many colors to choose from and these cuties have become a wardrobe staple!!!

Now … you’ve got some shopping to do! 

Or better yet, pass this one on to your honey with a “hint-hint” message.  

While all this “stuff” is amazing and fun to give/get … what I truly wish for you this holiday season is the gift of more health, love, and joy into 2018!!

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

Made with Love.

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Want FREE access to the Friday FAB Five?  Enter your email below and get insider access to my weekly personal branding newsletter!
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