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5 Ways to Feel Anxiety and Still Crush It

March 13, 2018


Traveling for a living has forced me to have a different conversation with my anxiety.

There are so many things that can go wrong.

Delays, cancellations, germs, rude people, nasty airport food, traffic, crazy weather, turbulence, bad hotel rooms, lost luggage.

This list could go on and on.

Travel isn’t as glam as it used to be.

That said, I’m not 100% sure why I even typed that, I’m not sure I knew a day when it was glam.

All the travel drama aside, I still have to get to my destination and #CrushIt.

I have to stay sane, healthy and be mentally ready to rock it.

So do you.

As a parent.
As a student.
As a spouse.
At work.
In the gym.
At home.

You will have stress and pressure and anxiety at work, in life, at home … and you still have to make it happen.

You still have to show up, earn the money, take care of the kids, cook the dinner, study for the test … insert here whatever it is you hustle on.

So … the big Q is … when things heat up (and they will) how do you crush it without losing your mind and freaking out?

I have a few ideas that help me stay sane on the regular:

Shift from fearing fear to thanking fear.

Learning how to live with and actually look forward to your fear (which hides as anxiety sometimes) is a huge shift to make personally + professionally.

I believe that if you feel ZERO fear in life then you are likely not doing enough and on “auto pilot”. This is a red flag. If you are growing and changing your life and out there doing badass things, it’s going to get uncomfortable from time to time. Period.

When you really understand fear is part of the process and when you can look at your fear as a reminder you are alive, then thanking it for the privilege of feeling it, is a fast way to remove the power fear has over you.

So you can get back to crushing it.

If it’s not confirmed or real … then I don’t sweat it.

I used to freak out if I’d email someone and not hear back for a couple days. Or if I’d send a text and not hear back right away.

My mind would make up about 10,000 reasons why the person I’m communicating with doesn’t like me, won’t hire me, is ignoring, is mad at me, hates me … on and on it goes.

Now, unless I know for sure someone is upset or blowing me off … I literally do not waste one second freaking out and continue on crushing it.

Brain Dump.

The fastest way for me to check myself before I wreck myself is to write it out.

If I am super pissed, freaking out or feeling really out of control … I get it all down on paper.

This is an easy way for you to vent + it feels like a mini therapy session just getting the words out of your head onto paper. And 99% of the time you will realize that what you are stressed about is likely not that big of a deal or totally something you can handle with a few deep breaths.

Plus, you will literally feel lighter even a few seconds into your writing.

You’ll also stop wasting time walking around the office complaining / venting to others or taking the negative energy home with you.

This way you can get back to crushing it.

Stop jam packing your schedule!

Do you have enough white space in your life?

Like for real.

When was the last time you got everything done on your to-do list WITH time to spare?

You probably laughed reading that sentence.

I hear you.

Yet, let me tell you, the second I started bossing up on my schedule and building my days around pockets of whitespace, everything changed.

Cramming it all in and chasing around your email is going to dial up your stress + anxiety. It will also keep you in reactive mode vs responsive mode.

If you want to crush it … boss up on your schedule instead of your schedule, email and everyone else bossing you around.

A few of my favorite tips:
1.  Don’t check email first thing. Get your one thing done first.
2.  Work in 30-day windows.
3.  Plan your week out every Sunday.
4.  Then every night before bed look at your next day, make edits and pivot where necessary.
5.  Schedule in at least 3 restorative breaks every day. Even if they are 10 minutes long. My favorites include: A 20-minute walk, a 20-minute nap, 10 minutes sitting outside, taking an actual lunch with a book.

Fall in love with not knowing.

As a human being you are not designed to know the future or know what another person is thinking.

Yet, you are designed to figure out who you are as a person and to love yourself.

You don’t need to know the future to feel safe and you don’t need to know what occupies another person’s mind to feel secure.

Plus, if you truly trust the process and know the universe has your back … it’s exciting to think about what each hard, sad, scary, and tough thing in your life is there to show you.

You will rise.


The choice is yours.

Then you can get back to crushing it.

Made with Love.

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