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Live Marketing

I am a live marketing and on-camera host who uses LIVE streaming platforms to help trade convention and show organizers spice up their show floor so they can increase exhibitor satisfaction, grow revenues,  provide member value, and amplify your brand online.

I do this by going behind the scenes to give your online audience a digital ticket to the show.

  • I help you market your products to your members by conducting interviews and in booth demos that are informative and relevant.
  • I help you give sponsors exposure and deliver unique interview experiences on your show floor.
  • I help you improve exhibitor satisfaction by increasing booth traffic online.
  • I help you provide member value by amplify the message of the event and encouraging engagement online.

“Judi made me look like a rock star to my boss.”
Russ LoPorto, VP of Business Development, On Services

camera prep

Respondents to the 2016 PCMA Digital Event Benchmark Report indicate that streaming content with an emcee is particularly effective in engaging the virtual audience. They reported an 18% higher rate of success when featuring an emcee than respondents to the 2015 study who had featured an emcee.

As a professionally trained improviser & Second City Alumni with a Radio / Television degree, I utilize my training to execute unforgettable live interviews and put out authentic content that engages and inspires viewers.

Social media extends the impact of your face-to-face meetings.    Doing this allows you to include more people, increase interaction during the event, and connect people that are at the live event with the remote audience.

If you want to engage your attendees onsite & online, drive on-site behaviors, amplify your message, market your event and build attendance … Facebook Live is a powerful tool that can help you expand your overall reach.

Why Virtual Marketing

If your brand isn’t already creating video content for social, it’s behind the times.
Live streaming can extend the impact of your face-to-face and digital events.
The biggest opportunities include:
Network building by connecting online participants with each other or deepening relationships at face to face events.
Scaling your events reach by connecting many people at once, in real time, or on demand.
The ability to gather valuable insights online that may have not been otherwise shared.
Capturing content digitally, which will allow you to archive content in a way not possible before.
Extending the impact of your face to face meeting.
Creating a sense of belonging by delivering powerful experiences for those who cannot be physically present.

Credit: 2016 © PCMA Digital Experience Institute.

What Others Are Saying

"Energy! Judi has the type of energy that fuels the right content capture at any show, and she knows how to work up a crowd. It's the type of energy that you need at your next event."
Dahlia El Gazzar, Owner, The Dahlia Plus Agency
"Judi made me look like a rock star to my boss."
Russ LoPorto,  VP of Business Development, On Services